Message from
Chief Representative
for Americas

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website for the Toray Group companies in the United States.

The Toray Group opened its New York office in 1957. Today, the Toray Group companies in the United States comprise ten businesses operating 14 manufacturing sites that specialize in the production of fibers and textiles, resins, films, carbon fiber and advanced composite materials, water treatment materials, and composite manufacturing equipment. We also conduct research and development for carbon composites and films and manage six sales offices. Once a month, representatives from each U.S. business gather to exchange ideas and discuss how the U.S. Group can serve our customers better and build awareness of all we have to offer. I invite you to watch our new short video that gives an excellent overview of our U.S. operations. You’ll find it here:

Business growth and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have always been fundamental to Toray, and we will continue to be mindful of our commitment to sustainability while we grow our businesses in the United States. Guided by our philosophy of “contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies, and products,” we have established strong corporate ethics, supported safety with enhanced accident-prevention procedures, respected the environment, and made positive contributions to the social fabric of the communities we operate in.

In July 2018, Toray announced the Toray Group Sustainability Vision, which outlines the following four perspectives on the world in 2050, as envisioned by the Toray Group.

  1. A net-zero emissions world, where greenhouse gas emissions are completely offset by absorption—in other words, a net-zero emissions, carbon-neutral world
  2. A world where resources are sustainably managed
  3. A world with a restored natural environment, with clean water and air for everyone
  4. A world where everyone enjoys good health and hygiene

To accelerate and promote group-wide activities that will address the challenges of building the world we envision, the Toray Group established a Sustainability Committee on April 1, 2021.

Our aim is to continue to excel as a corporation that delivers exceptional value to every one of its stakeholders in the United States. I hope this website will enrich your understanding of the Toray Group in the United States and the leading-edge products and services it provides.

Chief Representative for Americas, Toray Industries, Inc.
President, Toray Industries (America), Inc.
Kei Shimaji