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Long-Term Corporate Vision

—Achieving sound, sustainable growth and creating social value

Since its foundation, Toray Industries, Inc. has been driven by its core values of contributing to society through business activities, management from a long-term perspective, and people-centric management. Based on these values, the Toray Group has established the Long-Term Corporate Vision, TORAY VISION 2030 (VISION 2030) with the aim of providing new value to society by focusing on the four priorities to build the world envisioned by the Toray Group as set out in the Toray Group Sustainability Vision. KPIs for fiscal 2030 are milestones for realization of the world as envisioned by the Toray Group in 2050. VISION 2030 will be achieved by pursuing co-creation with the customers and business partners that make up the supply chain, all with a materials-oriented approach. The Toray Group will strive to accurately ascertain changes in industrial trends and to achieve sound, sustainable growth while pursuing business model transformation.

Growth Model for Achieving the Toray Group Sustainability Vision

The Toray Group’s mission is to deliver innovative technologies and advanced materials that provide real solutions to the challenges the world faces in balancing development and sustainability. The Toray Group will expand its business in all segments not only by meeting rising demand, but also by creating new demand, especially in Green Innovation (GR) businesses, which help solve global environmental, resource and energy issues, and Life Innovation (LI) businesses, which enhance healthcare and hygiene.
In creating and expanding into new businesses, the Toray Group aims to generate one trillion yen in sales from all new businesses by 2030 by focusing resources, with an emphasis on both quality and quantity, on large-scale themes that can be expected to form individual business domains in the 2020s and accelerating development and business model construction under the Future TORAY-2020s Project (FT Project).

Long-Term Corporate Vision

Toray Group’s Long-Term Strategies

The Toray Group will strive to accurately ascertain changes in industrial trends impacted by aging populations, environmental issues, and technological innovation, and to achieve sound, sustainable growth while pursuing business model transformation.
“Sound, sustainable growth” means facilitating our basic strategy of business expansion by carrying out active investment and maximizing the value we create over the medium to long term across the Toray Group. The key to this is strengthening competitiveness by pursuing continuous business model innovation and total cost reduction and strengthening the management foundation to enable investment in growth driven by efficiently invested capital and financial strength.

Long-term strategies to achieve “sound, sustainable growth”

1. Global expansion in growth business fields

  • Promote GR businesses that help solve global environmental issues as well as resource and energy issues
  • Promote LI businesses that contribute to better medical care and hygiene for people worldwide and support a society where people everywhere can live long, healthy lives

2. Strengthening competitiveness

  • Create new value through business advancement and high added value creation, thereby providing solutions with a materials-oriented approach to customers and society
  • Pursue dramatic cost reductions by setting challenging targets as well as strive to reduce environmental impact

3. Strengthening the management foundation

  • Improve cash flow and capital efficiency, and balance financial soundness and growth investment
  • Reform and revitalize the business and organizational structures of low-growth and low-profitability businesses

KPIs for Fiscal 2030

FY 2013 Actual
(baseline year)
FY 2030 Targets
(compared to FY 2013)
Sales of Green Innovation (GR) products 463.1 billion yen 4-fold
Sales of Life Innovation (LI) products 119.6 billion yen 6-fold
Contribution to CO2 reduction in value chain 40 million tons 8-fold
Water filtration throughput contribution of Toray's water treatment membranes 27.23 million tons/day 3-fold
Greenhouse gas emissions per unit of sales in production activities 337 tons/100 million yen 30% reduction
Water usage per unit of sales in production activities 15,200 tons/100 million yen 30% reduction