Toray Philosophy

The Toray Group was established in 1926, based on the principle of “realizing that corporations are public institutions of society and contributing to society through our business.” Ever since, the Toray Group has aimed to be a corporate entity respected by society.
In 1955, Toray clearly established this commitment as a Company Principle. Then, in 1986, the 60th anniversary of our founding, the company’s Management Philosophy framework was formalized with the Corporate Philosophy as its paramount concept. Since then, the Management Philosophy has been passed down, with some revisions. Accompanying the May 2020 announcement of the Long-Term Corporate Vision, TORAY VISION 2030, the Toray Group organized the principles it has followed since the beginning in the form of the Toray Philosophy.
In addition to our traditional Management Philosophy (which includes the Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Missions, Corporate Guiding Principles), the Toray Philosophy includes the Corporate Slogan (which simply expresses Toray’s stance on embodying the Corporate Philosophy), the Vision (which represents the direction the Group is headed), the Corporate Culture (which includes values and management perspectives that have been maintained since the company’s founding), and the President’s Principles.

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to society through the creation
of new value with innovative ideas, technologies
and products

Corporate Missions

For our customers
To provide new value to our customers through high-quality products and superior services
For our employees
To provide meaningful work and fair opportunities
For our shareholders
To practice sincere and trustworthy management
For society
To establish ties and develop mutual trust as a responsible corporate citizen

Corporate Guiding Principles

Safety and Environment
Placing top priority on safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation in order to protect the safety and health of employees, customers and local communities and contribute to building a sustainable society
Ethics and Fairness
Acting with fairness, high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility while complying with laws, regulations and social norms to earn trust and meet social expectations
Providing solutions of high value to customers, and pursuing customer satisfaction and the world’s highest level of quality
Achieving continuous innovation in all corporate activities, and aiming for dynamic evolution and growth
Strong Genba-Ryoku (Workplace Competency)
Learning from one another and making self-driven efforts to leverage technologies and expertise in order to strengthen workplace competency, which is the foundation of our corporate activities
Cooperation and Co-creation
Forming integrated internal linkages and strategic alliances with external partners, and evolving together with society by creating new value
Emphasis on Human Resources
Providing motivating work environments where employees can demonstrate their abilities, and building a vibrant corporate culture
Information Disclosure
Appropriately disclosing corporate information and enhancing communication with stakeholders in order to maintain management transparency
Respect for Human Rights
Fulfilling our responsibility to respect human rights as a good corporate citizen

Corporate Slogan

Innovation by Chemistry

Innovation is how the Toray Group delivers on its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products.” When we say “innovation”, we mean not only development of radically new technologies but also innovation across every other facet of our corporate activity.

We use the word “Chemistry” with two meanings. The first is the science that forms the basis for the advanced materials which we supply. This allows us to create new value and support the development of a sustainable world while maintaining good relationships with everyone who encounters the Toray Group, including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, consumers, and local communities. “Chemistry” also means collaboration and rapport. In this spirit, Toray Group companies and business sites around the world work together as-one to deliver innovation.


Toray Group Sustainability Vision

The Toray Group Sustainability Vision outlines the world as envisioned by the Toray Group in 2050, as well as the challenges that must be undertaken to achieve that goal. It also includes KPIs to be achieved by fiscal 2030 as important milestones.

The vision indicates that the Toray Group’s mission is to deliver innovative technologies and advanced materials that provide real solutions to the challenges the world faces with balancing development and sustainability. These challenges include population growth, aging demographics, climate change, water scarcity, and resource depletion.

“We are convinced that the Toray Group can continue to grow without negatively impacting global sustainability. We will do our utmost to address global issues, including the goals of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while working closely with our business partners worldwide”—this declaration forms the foundation for TORAY VISION 2030 and indicates the future direction of the Group.

Corporate Culture

Contributing to society through business activities

The Toray Group has grown through tireless effort, based on a sound understanding of its social responsibilities. Our management foundation has always been rooted in a spirit of public service. This aspiration is reflected in our corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products.” We are committed to creating innovative materials and new value that help to solve the challenges the world faces, such as global environmental issues, resource and energy issues, and contributing to a world where people everywhere can live long, healthy lives.

People-centric management

Since the beginning, the Toray Group has been striving to foster a good sense of social responsibility and high motivation among employees by building a vibrant workplace. The Toray Group holds to the philosophy that the success or failure of a company is decided by its people, and that employees shape its destiny. This approach is widely shared at Toray Group sites worldwide, and the Toray Philosophy is being practiced globally, while respecting regional differences in customs and social concepts.

Management from a long-term perspective

Over the decades, the Toray Group has passed down the key phrase, “The deeper, the newer,” and it has become a core part of our heritage. It expresses our determination to dig deep into things and pursue them to their ultimate limit, and our conviction that this always results in new discoveries and inventions. While taking a long-term perspective, Toray ascertains major social issues based on current public needs, and then pursues R&D to create innovative technologies and advanced materials that help solve those issues, while developing and growing its businesses.

Pioneering spirit

The Toray Group has always placed great emphasis on R&D as a driving force for corporate growth. By tirelessly pursuing R&D and improving production technology, we have turned superior technology and advanced science into ways to better people’s lives. In addition, the Toray Group has boldly taken on challenges in other areas. Each person at the Toray Group approaches their work with a pioneering spirit. We work together while respecting one another’s individuality and independence, and this collective strength leads to great results.

President’s Principles

The President’s Principles are core action guidelines that shape how all the people of the Toray Group approach their work.

Stay focused on the basics, search for ideal approaches, identify the right steps, and then carry them out

Thoroughly review the facts, clarify current problems and their root causes, and identify tasks and actions to take to create the ideal situation. By doing so, it soon becomes clear what should be done next. In order to solve a problem, we need to get all the relevant people involved, to coordinate everybody, and to take charge of implementing the solution. We need to respond appropriately to changing circumstances and produce results with a sense of urgency.

All solutions can ultimately be found in the Genba (workplace)

When problem solving, it is important to ascertain and analyze the current situation, organize the facts, and thoroughly investigate the causes. When we focus on the Genba and ascertain and analyze the roots causes, it soon becomes clear what needs to be done.

Consider what is best for the company

Living up to the corporate philosophy is the top priority in all actions. Based on the idea that everyone is striving to do the right thing, employees with different positions and opinions should have in-depth discussions. In this way, we should take action to achieve “total optimization” for the company or society as a whole, rather than “individual optimization” for a single person or organization. In addition, it is vital that we create a system that helps connect the two.

Have the integrity to do the right thing in the right way

When faced with various pressures and temptations, the key is to maintain integrity (truth and honesty) and sincerity (serious and enthusiastic devotion) with a firm conviction and unwavering will to stay on the path you have determined to be right. This is the strong spirit of the Toray Group, and what builds an even stronger Toray Group is each employee in the Genba (workplace) doing the right thing in the right way.