Trilon Co., Ltd. (now Toray Industries (H.K.) Ltd.) established in Hong Kong.

Since our founding, we have actively worked to expand internationally through product exports. Toray's first expansion of overseas business through capital contribution was the July 1955 establishment of Trilon Co., Ltd.* in Hong Kong. Thus, the prewar Mitsui & Co. was dissolved, bringing to an end the era where Toray depended on Mitsui & Co. for sales. Toray established Trilon as its first local sales subsidiary in order to build up its own localized international sales network and help strengthen its sales capabilities. Trilon became the cornerstone for today's Toray International Group and the global operations which are its main activity.
*Trilon Co., Ltd. underwent an absorption-type merger with Toray Industries (H.K.) Ltd., in 1990.