Office ventilation

Air Filter for Air Conditioning

The superb dust-trapping efficiency of TORAYMICRON helps purify air and save energy by utilizing low-pressure drop to increase energy efficiency. It can be used as a fiber, filter material or in filter units. We can develop, design and manufacture a total solution for your air-purifying needs.

Meltblown non-woven Fabric

TORAYMICRON meltblown non-woven fabric captures microscopic dirt with ultra-microfibers and the power of static electricity. Static electricity attracts dirt and helps reduce power consumption by utilizing low pressure drop to increase energy efficiency.

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Carpet tiles

BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament)
Nylon for Carpet Applications

BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament) nylon for carpet applications is made of highly durable, long-lasting fibers. The fray-free fabric is ideal for carpets.


Sealing material

Sealant for construction TOPKOL demonstrates excellent bonding properties on various materials including concrete, tile, aluminum, glass and mortar.

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Plastic Optical Fiber

Toray's optical fiber RAYTELA is lightweight, flexible and easily adapted to a variety of applications. Our optical fiber is also highly reliable, with little of the attenuation seen in ordinary plastic products.


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Double-glazed glass

LP Liquid Polysulfide Polymer

When mixed with a hardener, THIOKOL LP becomes a rubber elastic body with excellent durability and adhesive qualities that forms a tight seal against water and air. Used as a secondary seal on the periphery of double-glazed glass, THIOKOL LP enables enhanced functionality.


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Polyester Film

Dye sublimation digital printer:
High-precision thickness control technology and superior smoothness let you print glossy, bright color photos.

Ink ribbons for printers:
Heat-resistant and able to be manufactured in precise thickness measured in nanometers, making it possible to print vividly in high-resolution.


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