X-Ray Protective Eyewear

Product Description

XR-700 x-ray protective eyewear is lightweight, stylish and comfortable. Now available in 3 widths: Narrow, Regular and Over-glasses models. The 3D-molded, leaded acrylic lenses reduce exposure to scattered radiation from all angles.


Item Number Product Description Fit Type Weight Lead Equivalence* Packaging
EHF-200SP XR-700 Soft Pink Narrow  53 g 0.07 mmpb 1 pair with case
EHF-200PW XR-700 Pearl White Narrow 53 g 0.07 mmpb 1 pair with case
EHF-380MB XR-700 Metallic Blue Regular 53 g 0.07 mmpb 1 pair with case
EHF-380MR XR-700 Metallic Red Regular 53 g 0.07 mmpb 1 pair with case
EHF-480SG XR-700 Storm Gray Over-glasses 63 g 0.07 mmpb 1 pair with case

* Dose reduction efficacy equivalent to lead of the same thickness. For example 0.07mmPb = dose reduction efficacy equivalent to lead 0.07mm thick.


Choose from 3 available types: Regular fit, Tight fit and Over-glass. Five color variations are available.
(measurements are listed in mm)

Lightweight, High-performance leaded acrylic lens

  • 3D-molded lenses significantly reduce scattered radiation exposure not only from the front, but also from the sides and below.
  • Increased lens size provides greater protection compared to earlier models
    (Over-glass type increased by 32%, Regular fit type increased by 36%)

Comfort and Clarity

  • The light weight and customizable fit enable wearers to remain comfortable even during lengthy procedures.
  • Improved lens design enhances air flow, eliminating fogging, ensuring clearer vision.

NEW Adjustable frames

  • Better fit = better performance
  • Adjustable temples and nose pad keep the glasses in place and minimize the gap between the lens and face.