XR-700X-Ray Protective Eyewear


The XR-700 is intended to protect the wearer's eyes from scattered radiation, not from direct radiation.

Contraindications, Warnings and Cautions

A. Contraindications

  • None known.

B. Warnings

  • The XR-700 is not intended as a splashguard for blood or other fluids.
  • Do not wear cracked eyewear. Further cracking may occur resulting in injury.
  • Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the XR-700.
  • Do not wipe the lenses with water because it may cause oxidation.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Remedy

  • Toray will replace defective product free of charge. In the event of a product complaint, the user is requested to return the XR-700 and packaging materials so that the cause of the complaint may be fully investigated.
  • Toray is not responsible for any damage caused due to improper handling, use, and storage.
  • Toray is not responsible for any damage caused by transportation, handling, and storage at the health care facility, whether physical damage or human injury.


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