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Including cancer, there are many diseases that have become treatable thanks to advancements in healthcare. However, the key to this lies in early detection of the disease.

To realize a world where even one more life can be saved, genetic analysis needs to be more reliable for healthcare.

3D-Gene® DNA Chip for Detecting Genetic Changes

The DNA chip is a tool for analyzing gene expression in the blood and tissue of humans and animals. By placing a large number of highly concentrated DNA fragments in substrates, such as resin or glass, and comprehensively analyzing tens of thousands of genes at once, they can be applied to various research areas.
At Toray, we are striving to develop new bio tools by merging our polymer material and surface modification technologies with the biotechnologies cultivated in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. One such example is the development of our 3D-Gene® DNA chips, which provide highly sensitive reproducibility and quantitative performance for use in research.

Currently, the most commonly used DNA chips are those in which DNA fragments are fixed to flat glass substrates for detection purposes. The genetic code of an organism is marked with fluorescent dye for optical detection.
We at Toray have perfected this unique technology by developing a ground-breaking resin substrate that features tiny bumps on its surface and reduces background noise. As a result, we have succeeded in increasing genetic detection sensitivity by approximately 100 times when compared to existing technology.

The 3D-Gene® is used for research in academia and pharmaceutical companies, and can help search for biomarkers in order to swiftly detect and predict the nature of diseases. In particular, it is used to detect microRNA, which has a noteworthy connection with recent diseases, and develop methods for simple and highly accurate detection. To this end, we provide a comprehensive solution that includes not only the DNA chip, but also the best reagents, detection equipment and analysis consultation.
In Japan, it is already used extensively for the purposes of research into personalized healthcare and primary healthcare.

The refined substrate of the DNA chip is further contributing to healthcare by driving developments in diagnostic medicine.

Transforming People's Lives and Healthcare with Toray's Life Innovation

There are various problems facing the global environment, people and society. The latter is particularly varied, as the economic development situation of countries and regions differ greatly. Bound by the UN Millennium Development Goals, the global community has a responsibility to achieve these common goals, especially for emerging nations and developing countries where the resolving healthcare is a matter of life or death.
On the one hand, many developed countries face problems relating to an aging society. As a result of rising healthcare costs and increased burden on healthcare providers, healthcare systems and policies require urgent review. Meanwhile, health consciousness is increasing to prevent becoming ill in the first place. With the Toray Group's strengths in advanced materials and technologies, we believe our "life innovation" can contribute to resolving these various different social issues, using our accumulated experience and track record in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

"Toray-Style Life Innovation"

The Toray Group is driving "life innovation" to secure the health and longevity that people want. With the advanced materials technologies that we have cultivated since our founding, and by combining our technologies and know-how in a wide range of business areas (including developments in areas such as healthcare, medical materials and bio tools in the life sciences field) we are stimulating improvements in medical technologies, developments in preventative healthcare, and a reduction in the burden placed on healthcare workers. We at the Toray Group are accelerating the application of our materials and technologies by actively promoting collaboration between all types of research and healthcare institutions and different types of businesses.

Through "the power of chemistry," we will continue to openly promote our corporate commitment to resolving social problems, and will strengthen and expand our life innovation activities.

Toray TV Commercial: Blue Butterfly Life Innovation Version

One possibility is to use the power of materials to reinforce genetic analysis for medical breakthroughs. Meet life innovation technology by Toray.

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