Making functional wear plant-based and environmentally friendly.Materials can change our lives Vol.5

With the increase in global population and energy consumption, the world-wide depletion of petroleum/fossil fuels and increased atmospheric CO2concentration (the main cause of global warming) are becoming issues.

We believe in realizing a sustainable society by changing the raw materials of petroleum-derived products. Materials and products made using Toray's biomass-based polymers (ecodear®) make this a reality.

Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels by using plant-based raw materials.

Together with the increase in global population and energy consumption, the depletion of petroleum and increase in CO2concentration are becoming issues requiring resolutions on a global scale.
Current polyester fibers are created through polymerization and spinning of petroleum-derived ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid.
Toray's ecodear®PET, a plant-based polyester containing 30% plant-based ethylene glycol, provides the same quality and performance as current 100% petroleum-derived polyester.

Carbon cycle of plant-based polyester products

Plants absorb CO2from the atmosphere during photosynthesis in order to grow. Even when plant-based polyester products are incinerated, the CO2emitted from the plant-derived carbon does not increase the concentration of atmospheric CO2.
At Toray, we are also expanding our plant-based polyester fiber ecodear®PET into the world of functional wear.
On top of this, our ecodear®PET fiber is making an environmentally friendly contribution to society in all kinds of other product sectors, too.
As a company involved in the chemical industry, we in the Toray Group believe we have a large responsibility to contribute to society. Under the banner of 'Green Innovation,' we are creating innovative technologies that contribute to resolving global environmental problems, and are striving to realize a sustainable, low-carbon society. Hereafter, the Toray Group will continue to contribute to all of our stakeholders, and the planet, through our innovative technologies and materials.

Toray TV Commercial: Blue Butterfly Plant-based Polyester Version

One possibility is to use the power of materials to produce functional wear that is natural and environmentally friendly. Meet plant-based polyester by Toray.

Ecodear ••• Ecodear® is a brand of materials and products made from biomass-based polymers.

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