Furthering the evolution of next-generation eco-cars for environmental benefits.Materials can change our lives Vol.4

The ever-increasing demand for energy is in turn creating a need for a sustainable low-carbon society. The transportation sector, which represents automobiles, is said to account for 17% of Japan's total carbon dioxide emissions*.

  • *Source: National Institute for Environmental Studies website

What if we could use our materials to make the next generation of eco-cars, which are already hoping to achieve a reduction in fossil fuel use, even more environmentally friendly? We at Toray are contributing to the evolution of automobiles with our slogan, "Cars evolve through materials."

Cars evolve through materials

The automotive industry utilizes a variety of technologies. Automobiles are also expected to follow this trend of reduced carbon emissions, and every automobile manufacturer is putting efforts into research and development into this area. The next-generation of eco-cars will have particular needs, such as a need to reduce weight to improve energy efficiency, and the need for a "next-generation power train," such as the lithium ion batteries, fuel cells and motors used in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCV). To address these needs, we have sought to reduce weight through the use of light and strong carbon fiber and high-performance plastics that can be used in place of metal. We also provide various materials related to replacing engines with electrified motors, including battery separator film and insulating material for lithium ion secondary batteries, and the carbon fiber used in fuel cell vehicle hydrogen tanks. Our materials also go into supporting the improvement of automobiles, including fibers to make car seats more comfortable, fibers for airbags and seat belts to improve safety and also impact absorbing resin that uses NANOALLOY® technology. We will continue to provide solutions that fuse leading-edge materials and technology in response to the requirements of the next generation of eco-cars.

Next-Generation Concept Eco-Cars by Toray

Toray TV Commercial: Blue Butterfly Automotive Materials Version

One possibility is to use the power of materials to further the evolution of next-generation eco-cars for environmental benefits. Meet automotive materials by Toray.

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