Creating a World Where Everyone Can Achieve Their Personal Best.Materials can change our lives Vol.2

There are people who feel that their disabilities restrict their lifestyles and limit their freedom.

What if we could provide these people with a full life where they can do what they want rather than simply "extending their rehabilitation"? Toray carbon fiber technology contributes to the advancement of product development in the field of welfare devices, including prosthetic legs and wheelchairs.

Toray Carbon Fiber Technology

Carbon fiber is a fibrous material finer than human hair.

The carbon fibers used in materials for prosthetic legs are, as the term suggests, fibers made from carbon. The two key features of carbon fiber are its excellent strength and light weight. Carbon fiber boasts 10 times the strength of iron at a quarter of its weight. That's why it is the preferred lightweight material to replace conventional metals used in the manufacture of various products.
Unlike metals, carbon fiber will not fail due to fatigue, will not rust, and is chemically and thermally stable. It is a highly reliable material with characteristics that will stay stable over a long period even under severe conditions.
Carbon fiber is currently used in a number of applications, including aircraft bodies, bicycle frames and personal computer housing, and Toray's TORAYCA™ specifically is used in fields such as aerospace applications, automotive applications, sports industry applications, IT equipment applications, medical equipment applications and general industrial applications.

Used for Prosthetic Legs and Wheelchairs, etc. in Disability Sports

Strong and lightweight carbon fibers are also used in various products that feature in the world of disabled sports. For example, Xiborg, Sony Computer Science Laboratories and Toray Carbon Magic are collaboratively developing prostheses specifically for running. By analyzing the running mechanisms of prosthetic legs, Xiborg have been able to design an optimized laminate carbon structure that improves running performance while maintaining the strength of the prostheses.
Our goal is not only for athletes to achieve good results, but also to make an impression on more people through their remarkable achievements, so that disabled sports becomes more and more familiar to us all. We hope to contribute to a world where everyone can achieve their personal best.

The prosthesis running blade, "Genesis," developed in collaboration with Toray.

Toray TV Commercial: Blue Butterfly Carbon Fiber Version

One possibility is to use the power of materials to create a world where everyone can achieve their personal best. Meet carbon fiber by Toray.

Toray Carbon Fiber Composite Material

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