Toray International America Inc. (TIAM)

Toray International America Inc. (TFA)

A subsidiary of Toray International, Inc., Toray International America Inc. (TIAM) imports and exports the products of Toray Group companies throughout the Americas. Partnering with other Toray Group companies around the United States and beyond, we provide cutting-edge services for the world’s most demanding and exacting industries, including automotive, electrical and electronics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Corporate Profile

Established: 1988
President: Mitsuru Tanabe
Capital Stock: $18 million

Products & Services

TIAM provides its customers access to a full range of Toray products, technologies and services, all of which are grouped under the following business segments:

  • Fiber & Textiles
  • Plastics & Chemicals
  • It-related Products
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
  • Environment & Engineering
  • Life Science & Other Businesses

To explore our full range of products and services, please visit the Business Segments section of this website.

TIAM Main Office
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Main Office

461 Fifth Ave., 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-697-8150
Fax: 212-972-4279

TIAM San Mateo Office
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Silicon Valley
San Mateo Office

411 Borel Ave., Suite 520
San Mateo, CA 94402
Tel: 650-341-7152
Fax: 650-341-0845

TIAM Brisbane Office
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Silicon Valley
Brisbane Office
Toray Molecular Oncology Laboratory

150 North Hill Drive, Suite 23
Brisbane, CA 94005
Tel: 415-825-5544
Fax: 415-825-5543

TIAM South Carolina Office
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South Carolina Office

481 Munn Road, Suite 175
Fort Mill, SC 29715
Tel: 803-835-8600
Fax: 803-835-8601/02

TIAM Houston Office
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Houston Office

140 Cypress Station Dr., Suite 210
Houston, TX 77090
Tel: 281-587-2299
Fax: 281-587-9933

Terms and Conditions for Sales Order and Purchase Order

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